OCUP part 2: Data types and other basics of the fundamental exam

I include this part of the fundamental exam here, because it’s important for the following parts of the exam. This is part of my notes for the examination.
A DataType (and all its subclasses) has no identity.
PrimitiveType= Integer, Boolean, UnlimitedNatural, String
An example for UnlimitedNatural is the upper bound of a Multiplicity, see MultiplicityElement.
DataTypes are marked by keywords and not stereotypes (although the notation looks the same „<<enumeration>>“)

hierarchy of datatypes

hierarchy of datatypes

Diagram header:
– diagram type, optional
– diagram name
– parameters, optional

Stereotype= way of extending the metamodel, adds semantics to an existing model element
– multiple possible
– can have attributes to store additional information

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